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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Lil Sist Crocheted Bag

This is my little sister crocheted tote bag. I dont know how long she made it, but its wonderful. She use the pattern from Thata Pang's book, popcorn stitch. She have learned it from my crochet books.
She adds a flower pin in it. Overall, it looks so great, and she make her friends interested in crocheting some stuff.Cool.....
I think her work is worth in it.


  1. Popcorn stitch ya. Manis banget tas-nya. Ini pake benang kasur juga-kah?

  2. iya mbak, ini pake benang kasur juga, ini hasil karya adekku. Dia belajar patternnya pake bukunya mbak thata, aku punya dua2nya. karena dia pengen bisa ya aku kasih bukunya aja aku suruh belajar sendiri, gara2 tas ini temen2nya dia jadi pengen belajar merajut, kita lagi merintis mo bikin klub kecil2an gitu, smoga aja terlaksana, amin.


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