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Christmas Denim Laptop Case

Just finished a Lappy Case order by my friend. She ask me to make it in Christmas tone, she wanna give it to her bestie...so I just pick red, green n white as Christmas theme. I add Christmas bells ornament. They are so cuteee...
Made it from Bali Cotton yarn which is more thick than Indonesia local cotton. I use denim fabric for the inside of the case and a add a sponge to make it more comfort. Its fit for 10inches Lappy. So..hope u'll be inspire..
Happy crocheting all..

Christmas Denim Lappy Case

Denim touch...

Christmas theme...

Christmas Bells ornament..


  1. wow...great..good job jeng..
    you're so talented :D *lebay*
    good job...i like it *ala rianty cartwright*

  2. wah...ini jeng aniez ya...pasti lupa g ketik nama, anonimus..hehehe..
    aniwei, thanks ya jeng for de compliment, try de best for u..hehe..btw udah nyampe blum?