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Welcome to my site dear fellow crafters and bloggers. Its all about everything I do and happen to me. You may just read or leave a comment is more than welcome. I hope every single words I've wrote here could inspire you. Happy crafting all. Just be my guest.

My Blog New Make Up

Its been long time since I posted nothing here. Its because I'm lil bit busy for preparing our new kiosk...yeah..its internet kiosk. We've been dreaming for this new kiosk since we're working as op in i-kiosk ( I'd like to call it this way) in jember while we're in Univ. We're comeback home already ( my in law's house) n we tried to run our-own-new-i-kiosk for the last five weeks, n the people around here gave us a great enthusiasm.....thats cool..

N, Tonight I tried to change my blog appearance, n found a very wonderful pic, thennn...voila...this is my blog new"Make Up", please do enjoy it...

I'm lil bit busy with new project, crocheting my sis in law's bag and also a cute dress for her lil angel, make some pattern(in progress) for my DIM(do it myself) cute dress....found another school for teaching(yeah I'm not so lucky that I didnt get any call for this month)...but life must go on...n..yeah..my english getting worst since I read nothing for this last year....poor me..

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