Halo Kawan

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Bingkisan Winner..

Dear readers and friends, I am really sorry because I havent posted anything for century...hehehe...Its 2k11 now...I hope thats not too late for me to tell you all about who's winning my Shawl giveaway last year (read: because its already 2k11 now). I have to prepare for another job for the last two weeks, so I hope it will be understandable.

First of all, I want to remind you the rule, the giveaway will belongs to someone who already following my blog, so all my blog followers will have the same chance. Then you(my blog follower) have to post a comment and choose which one of the shawl that you like not more than 20 December 2010, so the comment that dated after 20 December 2010 is not counted. So based on the rule there are only RETNO and DEENE that meet the requirements.

Anddd....I just draw the winner and the shawl goes tooooo.......RETNO....(blue buble pink shawl) and because nobody choose the Grelow one, sooo.....I will make another giveaway program. So, RETNO please sent me your address ASAP. Thanks a lot and hope you'll join my another giveaway.


  1. like this ya. eeeem ad polanya gak? low ad q mnta bleh???

    1. Hai Mba, polanya bisa diliat di postingan ini http://christineratnawijaya.blogspot.com/2009/03/ini-shawl-hasil-dari-hibernasi-beberapa.html